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10 Week Honor Roll

7th Grade High Honor Roll 7th Grade Honor Roll
Sharon Colbert Kailey Crump
Marygrace Guiney Hunter LaPage
Kylie Kirk Jacob Martin
Brianna Parker Jacob Perry
Gabrielle Parker Gavin Sheldon
Indigo Pease Ashley Vangellow
Cassia Sago  
Jon Snell  
Natalie Snell  
Nicholas Snell  
8th Grade High Honor Roll 8th Grade Honor Roll
Susan Baldwin Ilona Baker
Leland Blevins Avery Collins
Kade Hayes Daniel Dodds-Walters
Megan MacWilliams Melody Hannon
Audrey McGill Conner Hendershot
Annika McIntosh Cassandra James
Cassidy Phippen Zachary Miller
Lawson Snell Conor Taillon
Megan Taylor Carmela Vitale
Sierra Tuper Christian Willard
Quinn Woodward  
9th Grade High Honor Roll 9th Grade Honor Roll
Emma Bloom Stuart Ayers
Kelly Bloom Bailey Brackett
Alexandra Bruno Nicholas Chase
Sophie Clothier Burton Chevier IV
Jeffrey Crump Quinton Cox
Caleb Knowles Carmelle Despaw
Nola Patrick Matthew Duvall
Brynne Reid Harley Ellis
Peyton Snell William Frary
Kendra Wells Destini Keleher
Brandon Wilkes Kaitlyn Kirk
  Desirae Malone
  Carson McCargar
  William Parker
10th Grade High Honor Roll 10th Grade Honor Roll
Charlotte Baldwin Layton Colbert
Samuel Clark-Vallance Caitlyn Duciewicz
Molly Clothier Stormi Gardner
Emily Collins Colby Green
Jacob Fisher Autumn MacWilliams
Heather Kearney Brendan Phippen
Cortney Phippen Kristin Rafter
Sydnie Phippen Jenessa Rotella
Tanner Rosenbarker Allyson Smith-Willmart
Daniel Severtson  
Mark Severtson  
Harrison Snell  
Indiana Snell  
Caera Stone  
Brenna Woods  
11th Grade High Honor Roll 11th Grade Honor Roll
Austin Cook Alec Hayes
Caitlin Dunning Emily Janke
Hayley Gray Celsea LaPage
Brooke Hayes Jared Morrill
Sarah Kearney Lakota Rosenbarker
Sydney Koen Madison Yette
Daisy Leibfred  
Jessica Mitchell  
Anourine Pullano  
Jakob Randall  
Erica Sloan  
Ashton Snell  
Brooke Taylor  
Mattie Tremper  
Hannah Zenger  
12th Grade High Honor Roll 12th Grade Honor Roll
Brooke Ayers Keith Felix
Megan Converse Kennedy Hayes
Ivy Donovan Alec Knowles
Taylor Razis Brooke LaBar
Sarah Russell MaKayley Miller
Keely Smith Jeffery Newton
Clare Snell Lauren Pecore
Emma Snell Ethan Phippen
Jayda Sullivan Kaitlyn Phippen
Marli Thompson Brian Schweinberg
Abigail White Brett St. Germain
Sydnee Wray Kaitlyn Wells
Allaina Zellweger Travis Wilson
  Kyle Woods

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