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Earth Science

Mr. Walter, Room 302, Parishville-Hopkinton Central School



Physical Settings, or Earth Science, is a course offered State wide through the New York State Regents program. It addresses the content and process skills as applied to the rigor and relevancy to be assessed by the Regents examination in Physical Setting/Earth Science. Focus will also be on application skills related to real-world situations. Instruction will focus on student understanding and demonstration of important relationships, processes, mechanisms, and applications of concepts. Students, in attaining scientific literacy, will be able to demonstrate these explanations, in their own words, exhibiting creative problem solving, reasoning, and informed decision making.


Laboratory Requirements: Critical to understanding science concepts is the use of scientific inquiry to develop explanations of natural phenomena. Therefore, as a prerequisite for admission to the Regents examination in Physical Setting/Earth Science, students must have successfully completed 1200 minutes of laboratory experience with satisfactory written reports for each laboratory investigation.


Course Syllabus

Earth Science (Physical Settings) Grading Policy


Tests, Quizzes, and Special Projects (60 % of class grade)

Quizzes, both announced and unannounced, normally will occur on a weekly basis. They normally are on the material reviewed that week and cover one chapter of studies. Unit exams are given approximately once a month and cover four to five chapters of work. Both tests and quizzes will be formatted similar to the Regents Exam that will be given at the conclusion of the course and which will serve as the final exam in Earth Science.


Tests are given during regularly scheduled class time in room 302 or in other appropriately proctored areas with advanced permission of the instructor. Tests missed by students due to legal absences will be taken the next time they have Earth Science Class. There are no make-up tests, re-tests or bonus points offered on quizzes and tests. What you earn is what you get so do a good job the first time. Quizzes or tests not done or made up will receive a numerical grade of zero.


Labs, Journals, Homework, and Field Trip Journals (30% of class grade)

Labs and all other projects are important parts of gaining the knowledge required to be successful in the Earth Sciences. As such, a minimum of 30 labs experiences are requires by New York State during the course’s duration. Students not completing a minimum of 30 sessions are not eligible to take the New York State Regents exam at the end of the course.


The normal procedure for labs will be to complete the lab, with a partner assigned by the instructor, and hand in an individual typed copy of the activity at the end of the lab session. Students absent from school will need to schedule a make up lab session with Mr. Walter and have the missed lab completed within 10 school days. Any labs not completed within this time frame will receive a numerical grade of zero. Failure to complete the 30 labs, as per New York State requirements, makes the student ineligible to take the Regents Exam at the completion of the course. All scheduled labs that are missed should be made up.


Papers, field trip journals, class activities, and other projects will be graded and weighted according to the guidelines described at the time that they are assigned. Reading assignments and written homework will be assigned every night from a regents review book purchased by the student. Late homework will receive a grade of zero.


In Class Participation (10% of class grade)

Students will be expected to provide constructive input and discussion during class. Cooperation during class and lab sessions is also expected.


Other Important Notes:

Required materials for this course include a student purchased review book (usually about $11), a three ring binder and filler paper, writing utensils, and a four function calculator.


*If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, ask Mr. Walter about them during the first few days of class.

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