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The Backyard Geology Club was established in the school year 2012-13 for the purpose of offering a greater opportunity for students at the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School to get involved with science. The club meets monthly and conducts fundraising activities in order to offer events at low or no cost to students. Activities such as having guest speakers, field trips, university and museum visits are some of the planned events.


Executive Board, 2013-14:

Geology Club Officers:
President- Nicole White
Vice President- Connor Sullivan
Treasurer- Lucas Snell
Secretary- Katie Shannon

Advisors: Mr. Walter and Miss Sinclair

Committee Heads and Members at Large: Trey Russell


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Article I Name This organization shall be known as the Back Yard Geology Club. It shall be a Parishville-Hopkinton Central School (P.H.C.S.) District organization with recognized “club” status. 


Article II Purpose  The purpose (mission) of this club shall be: 

Section 1 To promote and encourage the study of mineralogy, geology, and other earth sciences among students at P.H.C.S.

Section 2 To cooperate with institutions of higher education in order to promote community outreach.

Section 3 To provide a program with suitable speakers for special events.

Section 4 To sponsor, direct, and assist in the planning of excursions (field trips) to mineral localities and other places of geologic interest.

Section 5 To encourage students of all ages to pursue their interest in the earth sciences during and after high school.  


Article III Membership  Membership shall be open to students who meet the following guidelines:

1. Any interested students in the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior classes.

2. Participation in special activities including field trips will require membership participation at a minimum of 50% of the club meeting and fund raising events.


Article IV Officers  The officers of this Club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and members at large (three maximum). 


Article V Meetings

Section 1 Regular Meetings of the Club shall be held 10th period, on the last Thursday of each month during the school year.

Section 2 Officers shall be elected at the first regular meeting in September following a report by a committee on nominations to be made at the meeting in September.

Section 3 Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President, or at the request of the Advisor, or upon written request of not less than a majority of the Club members.

Section 4 Notices of a special meeting, in writing, shall state time, place, and purpose of the meeting; they should be given to all members at least one week before the designated meeting and be announced on the morning announcements in all affected areas (midlevel and high school) of the building.

Section 5 Notices for a meeting to consider amending this Constitution or by-laws shall be given at least one month before the designated meeting; such notices shall be accompanied by a complete statement describing the nature of the proposed amendment.

Section 6 A quorum at any meeting is a majority of executive board members present with a minimum number of five members present in total. 


Article VI Amendments to Constitution  Any Article, Section, or Provision of this Constitution may be altered, amended, supplemented, or repealed by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the Club present and voting at any meeting, provided that the proposed change shall first be stated, in writing, to each member of the Club at least thirty days prior to the designated meeting at which such change is to be voted upon.

Adopted 2012


Fund Raising and Support

The Backyard Geology Club holds fund raising events during the school year in order to support its mission and activities. Parties interested in making contributions to the group should contact one of the advisors (Mr. Walter or Miss Sinclair) through the main office at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School during regular school hours.

Parishville-Hopkinton Central School

P.O. Box 187, 12 County Route 47

Parishville, New York 13672




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Mission Statement:
The PHCS community strives to instill in all students the knowledge and skills necessary to become caring, conscientious, and creative citizens.

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