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January 17, 2012 Board of Education Meeting Minutes


January 17, 2012



The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was called to order at 7:36 P.M. by President W. Remington in the conference room on the above date.




Present: W. Remington, H. Simmons-8:10 P.M., F. Wilhelm, S. Wilson-7:38 P.M., W. Witherell, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff.

Absent: C. Jacot and B. Remington.


Others: M. Fellion, B. Reid, M. Robinson, A. Wilkes, and L. Witherell.




Quorum of five established.





December’s Paw Ticket Winner was third grader Brynne Reid. Brynne received Clarkson hockey tickets and a pizza from Kunoco.


B. Reid recognized Students of the Month of December for exhibiting the Character Trait Caring: Dustin Richards - Miss Hicken’s Universal Pre-K; Alexys Bond - Mrs. Knowles’ Kindergarten; Kiersten Gardner - Mrs. Wilkes’ Kindergarten; Madison Daniels - Mrs. Mitchell’s First Grade; Teagan McAloon - Mrs. White’s Multi-Age 1/2; Taylor Daniels - Mrs. Mason’s Second Grade; Travis Hollenbeck - Mrs. Shannon’s Multi-Age 1/2; Caleb Knowles - Mrs. Clark-Vallance’s Third Grade; Abigayle Frary - Ms. Rivezzi’s Multi-Age 3/4; Allyson Smith-Willmart - Ms. Pcolar’s Fourth Grade; Joshua Daniels - Ms. Steenberge’s Multi-Age 3/4; Sarah Kearney - Ms. Rose’s Fifth Grade; Gabrielle Finen - Miss Corcoran’s Fifth Grade; Alec Knowles - Mrs. Todd’s Sixth Grade; and Tiffany Richards - Mr. VanLeuven’s Sixth Grade.


No. 2012-142


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by F. Wilhelm to approve the Minutes of the December 19, 2011, regular meeting as typed and mailed to Board Members. 5 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



S. Wilson arrived at 7:38 P.M.


No. 2012-143


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the Treasurer’s Reports showing an available balance on hand as of December 31, 2011, as follows:

General Fund $20,701.45

School Lunch Fund 706.93

School Lunch Savings 2,426.42

Federal Fund .39

Trust & Agency Fund 27,997.64

Payroll Fund -0-

Risk Retention (Property Loss Reserve - CLASS) 44,963.34

Extra-Class Activities Fund 54,210.58

6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


CAPITAL/EXCEL PROJ. Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the attached State Environmental Quality Review Negative Declaration and Short Environmental Assessment Forms (Type II Action). 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



The Board reviewed the paper ballot that will be used for the Special EXCEL Phase II Capital Project vote to be held on February 7, 2012. Mr. Saiff also informed the Board that Phil Squadrito from King and King, and our financial advisor, Chick Bastian, will be present at the public information meeting that is scheduled for January 31, 2012, at 7:30 P.M. in the auditorium.




Mr. Saiff discussed progress that has been made to-date on each of the four goals adopted by the Board of Education this year. The first goal: Continue to review and revise our current attendance policy, practices, and procedures to encourage a positive trend in student attendance UPK-12 in conjunction with research into a new web-based student management system is moving along. A committee has reviewed/compared other student management systems and School Tools has been the overall favorite for a variety of reasons including ease of use, range of capabilities, and compatibility with NERIC and state reporting mandates.


Goal 2: Implement the new K-12 schedule and revise as necessary while maintaining compliance with State Education Department regulations. Mr. Saiff has been meeting with Don Cannamela, teachers, administrators, and the Guidance Counselor to try to work on some of the scheduling concerns that have arisen from the single dismissal day.


Goal 3: Develop a new Annual Professional Performance Review as mandated by Education Law 3012-c. Mr. Saiff stated that talks with the Teachers’ Association have been very useful, a lot of work has been accomplished, and the administrators and the union are working to complete this goal.


Goal 4: Prepare the teaching staff for the impending transition to the new “Common Core” curriculums that have been approved by the NYS Board of Regents. Mr. Saiff noted that he held a staff meeting on the Common Core and the October Staff Development Day provided one full day of training for all teachers. Elementary teachers are currently in their second day of training.


No. 2012-144


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the following schedules for audit and payment:

General Fund $488,832.99

School Lunch Fund 8,422.93

Federal Fund 30,360.00

Trust & Agency 104,838.01

Capital Fund 207,111.10

6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-145


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by W. Witherell to authorize the Business Manager to make the necessary budgetary transfers as attached for the Month of December, 2011. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-146


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by F. Wilhelm to accept the Budget Reports for the Month of December, 2011, covering the period from July 1 through December 31, 2011. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-147



Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to appoint Elizabeth Beha, Margaret Zahler, Josephine Eakins, and Etta Phelix as tellers for the Special Capital/Excel Project Vote to be held on February 7, 2012, at a stipend of $75; and Bonnie Helfter and Frances Hazelton as Alternate Tellers in the event that one or more of the tellers are unable to serve on the date of the special vote. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-148


Mr. Saiff thanked B. Reid, the special education teachers, and support staff who worked to develop the new CSE/CPSE Two-Year Plan. B. Reid reviewed the draft of the CSE/CPSE Two-Year Plan with the Board. Worked with other CSE Chairs around the county to develop the plan presented. The plan is required by New York State and contains information regarding current and anticipated student and program demographics, budget costs, and staff and program development needs. Motion made by J. Young and seconded by F. Wilhelm to approve the CSE/CPSE Two-Year Plan as presented. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-149



The Board read a request from Colton-Pierrepont Central School for consideration of a Sports Merger in Modified Baseball for the 2012 season. Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Baseball Merger with Colton-Pierrepont and authorized Mr. Saiff to complete the necessary paperwork for submission to Section X. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-150


Mr. Saiff reviewed a quote he received from NERIC for the purchase of this program which qualifies for BOCES aid due to the fact that it is NERIC-supported. Mr. Saiff pointed out that even after our aid is figured in, this program is still more expensive than Web-2-School; however, with increased data requirements from the state, our current system is simply falling further behind. School Tool also offers a far superior scheduling module and is more user friendly for staff as well as parents. One of this year’s Board Goals was to research other data management systems and everyone who has been involved in this process has been impressed by the program’s capabilities including the ability to help with the Annual Professional Performance Review – right down to documenting the number of minutes students spend in each teacher’s classroom. Mr. Saiff recommended that the Board approve moving forward with this program for implementation in March so that our Guidance Counselor, Melissa Scudder, would be able to use School Tool to develop student schedules for next fall. Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by F. Wilhelm and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the purchase of the School Tool Data Management System for March, 2012, implementation. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-151


Mr. Saiff announced that D. Cannamela and A. Ellison had spoken with him earlier in the day to request the Board’s consideration of a three-day Music Tour to New York City, leaving on Friday, May 11th, and returning on Sunday, May 13th. High School students involved in chorus, band, or the musical (including art students who worked on set design) would be eligible to go on the trip as well as parents of those students. The trip would include attendance at a Broadway Musical, a performance of Blue Man Group, and a sight-seeing tour of the city. The cost of the trip would be approximately $525 per person and both music teachers said that they would provide two fund-raising opportunities for students to help offset the cost of the trip. Motion made by F. Wilhelm and seconded by W. Witherell to approve the proposed high school music trip to New York City in May, 2012. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



Mr. Saiff notified the Board that the annual Legislative Breakfast is scheduled for March 10, 2012, at 8:00 A.M. at SUNY Canton and announced that if any Board Members wish to attend, they should let us know on or before February 17. Reservations will be made for M. Fellion, B. Reid, M. Robinson, S. Wilson, T. Zellweger, and D. Saiff.


No. 2012-152


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to approve the recommendations of the CSE for the attached list of eleven students. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




M. Fellion noted that we have had only ten actual school days since our last meeting due to the Winter break, thus he would not have a great deal to report. The high school winter concert was held on December 21st. It was an excellent show and students received a standing ovation for their performances.


The Junior-Senior High School has been very busy scheduling for next semester and preparing for the January 24-27 test week comprised of Regents, mid-terms, finals, and Grades 7 and 8 STAR-based testing.


The weather has not been cooperating which has meant a lot of rescheduling of games and after-school activities. Our website is continuing to develop and Mr. Cannamela is doing a fine job keeping things up-to-date and informative. M. Fellion added that he would pass along any suggestions that the Board may have for additional information they would like to have available on the website.


High School Honors English students, accompanied by Melissa VanLeuven and Shawn Spriggs, had an opportunity to go to Potsdam State to complete a full day of research for a 10-15 page research paper project that will count collaboratively in both Social Studies and English. This was a great experience for our students and we were able to offer this opportunity by transporting students on the morning and afternoon BOCES bus runs.


Fran Hazelton’s last day was Friday, January 13th. Do to the icy conditions on Thursday and Friday, the staff ended up postponing Fran’s retirement party until after school today.



B. Reid noted that several of the elementary classes had prepared special cards, songs, and poems for Fran and she was very touched and appreciative of their efforts on her behalf.

Elementary students have named our Panther mascot “Paws” after the Paw ticket Pride program. This was the most popular name that students entered in the contest, receiving 19 suggestions.


B. Reid stated that much of the Month of January has been devoted to benchmarking assessments in all grades. Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments and Diebels testing will be completed by the end of the month. In addition, Common Core Roll-Out flip-flop sessions are being offered for elementary grades this month and into February. The entire staff attended a full day workshop this fall and teachers are in the process of attending additional sessions at this time. Our staff appears to be ahead of the curve with this initiative.


The Elementary staff has been working to ensure that all students in grades 4-6 take the STAR computer assessment by the end of the month as part of our new APPR process. These scores will be compared with the scores students receive when they are retested in May. B. Reid added that the STAR assessment was being implemented this year to provide the local measure required by the new APPR plan to assess teachers who instruct core academics in grades 4, 5, and 6. Next year this assessment will be administered to students in K-6 in September and again in May for APPR purposes.


B. Reid announced that the first Medicaid payment should be arriving soon. This will be a relatively small payment, but the next payment will be larger and will include more billed sessions. The second issued payment should also be reflective of the approximate amount we can expect to receive each month.


B. Reid also noted that a great deal of time was spent re-vamping the CSE/CPSE Two-Year Plan which was included in this month’s Board packet for their review. While it is time-consuming to develop and update all of the required plans, it is a useful exercise and helps to keep everyone focused on meeting the needs of the children of our District.



The Board received copies of thank you letters to sponsors of this year’s Girls’ JV Basketball Team, a summary of the number of food baskets that were able to be distributed at Christmas thanks to the food drive sponsored by the Junior and Senior National Honor Societies, and a list of upcoming events of interest.


No. 2012-153


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to go into Executive Session at 8:08 P.M. to discuss several personnel matters. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



A. Wilkes left meeting at 8:09 P.M.



H. Simmons arrived at 8:10 P.M.


M. Robinson left meeting at 8:24 P.M.


No. 2012-154



Motion made by J. Young and seconded by S. Wilson to come out of Executive Session at 8:52 P.M. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.

No. 2012-155




Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by H. Simmons to continue the sick day donations for Elizabeth White through the remainder of the 2011-2012 school year. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


No. 2012-156



Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to come out of Executive Session and adjourn at 8:53 P.M. 6 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.







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