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January 19, 2016 Board of Education Meeting Minutes



January 19, 2016




The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was called to order at 7:33 P.M. by President W. Remington in the conference room on the above date.





Present: J. McGill, B. Remington, W. Remington, H. Simmons – 8:11 P.M., D. Taylor, R. White, W. Witherell, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff.


Absent: None.


Others: V. Doll, S. Hartson, M. Keenan, B. Koen, A. Parker, L. Reed, B. Reid, M. Robinson, K. Scott, and M. Taylor.




Quorum of five established.









B. Reid shared with the Board the Paw Ticket winner for the month of December was Grade 1 student Chloe Gardner.



No. 2016-109



Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the Minutes of the December 21, 2015, regular meeting as typed and delivered to Board Members, with corrections to No. 2016-103, as discussed. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-110




Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Treasurer’s Reports showing an available balance on hand as of December 31, 2015, as follows:

General Fund $9,560.58

General Fund Capital Reserve $499,978.80

Unemployment Reserve $743,169.47

School Lunch Fund $19,061.92

School Lunch Savings $40,806.54

Federal Fund $-0-

Capital Fund $-0-

Trust & Agency Fund $8,092.28

Payroll Fund $-0-

Risk Retention (Property Loss Reserve – CLASS) $45,012.76

Extra-Class Activities Fund $96,437.89

8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-111

BOARD POLICIES/ Admin. of Medication (#7513)/ Students with Life-Threatening Health Conditions (#7521)/Student Grading Information Systems (#5675)

Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve three Board Policies en masse: Administration of Medication (#7513); Students with Life-Threatening Diseases (#7521); and Student Grading Information Systems (#5675). These are the second readings as required for Policy adoption. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




Motion made by J. Young to table this item to the February meeting as per request from a Board member not in attendance.



No. 2016-112




Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the following schedules for audit and payment:

Capital Fund…………………………………....………………………………..…....$0

General Fund ………………………………………………………….…$468,252.34

Federal Fund …………………………………………………………….….$5,113.44

School Lunch Fund …………………………………………………………$8,777.54

Trust & Agency ………………………………………………………….$133,912.46

8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-113


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to authorize the Business Manager to make the necessary budgetary transfers as attached for the Month of December, 2015. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-114


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to accept the Budget Reports for the Month of December, 2015, covering the period from July 1 through December 31, 2015. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.

No. 2016-115




Mr. Saiff noted advisors K. Scott and M. Keenan were in attendance along with three Senior class officers to present a proposal for an overnight Senior trip. L. Reed passed out to the Board an itinerary for the proposed trip to Pine Grove Ranch in Kerhonkson, New York. M. Keenan stated the trip would take place May 13-15, 2016. Students would leave at 7:00 A.M. on Friday and return at 4:00 P.M. on Sunday. J. young asked how much funding had been raised for the trip. M. Kennan $6,000.00 this far, with an upcoming sale projected to generate and additional $1,500.00. Mrs. Keenan stated that the cost would be approximately $150.00 per student for the three-day, two-night all-inclusive trip. She noted that several elective activities would cost students extra. K. Scott said that the seniors had voted on four different locations, and Pine Grove was the most popular as well as the most financially feasible for all students. Ms. Scott noted that the cost is an issue for several students, but that the advisors and class officers are hoping to be of some assistance to them. Ms. Scott added that the benefit of an all-inclusive trip would be that the students would arrive and spend time together as a class with three adult chaperones. Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the overnight Senior Class Trip to Pinegrove Ranch in Kerhonkson, New York. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




M. Keenan, B. Koen, A. Parker, L. Reed and K. Scott left the meeting at 7:43 P.M.




Mr. Saiff stated the District’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten program has not had a full capacity of students for the past two years. He noted that funding is allocated based on a full class size of 20 students. The projected funding for the 2016-2017 school year is currently $44,000, based on current enrollment of 14 students. With the program operating at full capacity, the funding would be $83,000. M. Robinson added that according to the report he printed earlier in the day, the $44,000 in funding is the most current allocation. Ms. Reid noted that figure could be based on Pre-Kindergarten enrollment as entered on BEDS day, which was 11 students. She stated that the funding was prorated from a date in December based on 11 students, with the possibility of up to three more children.



No. 2016-116


The additional proposed substitute list for a bus monitor, cleaner, and Grades 1-12 Teacher was reviewed by the Board. Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by D. Taylor to approve the additional 2015-2016 substitute list as attached. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




The Board reviewed the Summary Report from the State of New York Department of Health per the inspection of the District’s school Cafeteria on December 17, 2015. The summary noted three separate violations, all of which have been addressed by David Gravlin, the Cafeteria Manager. The first violation pertained to an inaccurate thermometer on walk-in freezer. While the food was being kept at a safe and appropriate temperature, the thermometer did not reflect the correct temperature. The second violation regarded food debris and spillage in cabinets and drawers, which was immediately removed and cleaned. The third citation dealt with dust accumulation on the end of vents in the kitchen hoods. The dust was cleaned following the inspection. R. White asked if a checklist was in place where staff could initial the date they cleaned a particular area of the kitchen. Mr. Saiff said he would bring that consideration to Mr. Gravlin’s attention.



No. 2016-117


Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to declare a 7-foot Brush Hog back blade, Cub Cadet 1200 tractor, 3126 Caterpillar engine parts, (two starters, a fan clutch, and two engine sensors), and a 16-gallon drum of 80-90 grease from the Bus Garage, as well as a drafting table, 8-horsepower industrial sludge pump, and Power Flite Predator 20 Floor Machine, as surplus equipment and materials, and to put these items out for sealed bid. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-118


The Board reviewed information sent to the District by the County Property Tax Service. Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the senior citizen income ceiling exemption at the current rate of $10,500. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-119


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the recommendations of the CPSE for two pre-school children and the recommendation of the CSE for one student as attached. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




Mr. Saiff announced that the requirements for Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR) are changing once again. He said that while the District’s 3012-D plan was approved in September of last year, provisions involving the plan had changed as of December 1st. Mr. Saiff said to the Board that student growth scores attached to New York State Exams with Common Core State Standards, included the Grades 3-8 Mathematics and English Language Arts Exams and Common Core Regents Exams, would no longer be associated with teacher evaluation throughout the 2019-2020 school year.


The Superintendent said that he and administrators from the other eighty-three districts with approved 3012-D APPR plans were called to Albany last week. Also in attendance were the New York State Commissioner of Education, Deputy Commssioner, attorneys from the APPR division at NYSED, and attorneys from NYSUT. Mr. Saiff stated the Administrators’ prominent request to them was to allow teacher evaluation based predominately on classroom observation for this year, as evaluations could not be tied to state test scores.


Mr. Saiff stated that the Governor has been rigorously upping the amount of legislation he puts into the State spending plan. Those dicta have made State testing 50% of teachers’ APPR the past year. This has been the opposite direction most teachers and many parents feel it should be moving. Mr. Saiff added that the Governor’s educational funding proposal this year was not strong. The tax cap would be starting at near zero. With the purchase of two school buses, the District would start only slightly above that. Mr. Saiff explained that the Governor’s spending plan is usually the worst-case scenario. He stated that he would work with state legislators to assist with the District’s approximate $300,000 projected shortfall. He also said that he would inform them of where the community stands financially and what the District’s needs are.


W. Witherell asked if the District would still need to administer state-mandated tests. Mr. Saiff responded yes, but the students’ scores would not be tied to teachers’ evaluations. He also noted there are efforts being made to shorten those tests, to provide teachers and parents samples of test questions prior to testing dates, and to make the state testing process as a whole more transparent. Mr. Saiff added that the District could still be dealing with opt-outs. Mr. Saiff stated he felt the Commissioner of Education, MaryEllen Elia, has been thoughtful and responsive to feedback she has received. While she has only been in the position for six months, Ms. Elia has listened to the field and made changes. Mr. Saiff explained that he felt positive about the future of SED.






B. Reid said that it has only been twelve school days since the last Board meeting, and that things were running smoothly at the Elementary level. She shared that on January 8th all elementary students participated in a recess lockdown drill. Teachers and monitors also experienced the procedures with students from the playground area. Ms. Reid was pleased to report that the students took the drill seriously, and she felt they understood the importance of learning safety precautions. B. Reid added that she felt much more prepared should an incident occur.


Ms. Reid reported that the elementary’s Data Driven Instruction initiative is now in Intervention Cycle #3. She explained teachers are working with students 10th period two times per week. B. Reid stated that interim assessments will be given at the end of February and that this is the time of year a great deal of growth can be seen from the students. B. Reid added that seventeen character traits had been covered with students so far, and that students are being recognized for exhibiting these positive traits.


B. Reid explained that elementary staff has been continuing with the text Leaders of Their Own Learning and that they have shared ideas with one another linking the text to what they have tried in their classrooms. Ms. Reid said she would share with the Board an interest survey completed by teachers regarding the text once the feedback has been collected.


V. Doll informed the Board that she completed the second portion of calibration training for Marzano-based teacher observations. She noted that she has seven formal observations and fifteen walk-through observations left to go. Miss Doll said she enjoyed conducting walk-through observations at the elementary level and saw effective strategies that she was promoting with the High School staff.


V. Doll said her most recent goal was to become current with annual reviews for CSE. She also stated she has been participating in Regents Exam scheduling and has ordered all of the supplies needed for the tests. She noted that the District would be working with James Nee at Colton-Pierrpont Central School again for scoring the Regents.


H. Simmons arrived at the meeting at 8:11 P.M.




Miss Doll said High School faculty and students have continued with Common Core vocabulary word bell ringers one day per week. V. Doll said there was recently a quiz given to students where they matched the words with their definitions or usage. Miss Doll noted the vocabulary words are used as a vehicle for higher level thinking. She added that she and teachers will look at words students did not do very well with.


V. Doll said she has been trying to get a better idea of the District’s course schedule, and would like to offer electives in more of a sequence. She said she would like to work with Melissa Scudder in laying out the schedule of classes, and feels that doing so will make her more successful in leading the building. Miss Doll said she would meet with each department to determine possible prospective classes.


W. Remington thanked both principals for their information.




The Board received correspondence from the Workers’ Compensation Board, a NYAPT Press Release indicating the number of illegal school bus passing incidents, a copy of the draft Minutes form the November 24, 2015 Town of Parishville Board Meeting, correspondence to a H. Condon, the January issue of Panther Press, and a list of upcoming events of interest.



No. 2016-120


Motion made by J .Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to go into Executive Session at 8:13 P.M. to discuss personnel matters including providing feedback and professional development to a particular individual and matters regarding a coach. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




M. Robinson and M. Taylor left the meeting at 8:13 P.M.




At 8:37 P.M. the Board President announced that the meeting would reconvene.



No. 2016-121


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to adjourn at 8:37 P.M. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.








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