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January 31, 2012 Board of Education Excel Project Special Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2012


A special meeting of the qualified voters of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was held in the school house in Parishville on the above date. The meeting was called to order at 7:31 P.M. E.D.S. time by Mr. Saiff who began by introducing Members of the Board of Education, Phil Squadrito of King & King Architects, Charles Bastian and Jason Schwartz of Bernard P. Donegan, Inc., our financial consultants for the proposed project, and Mike Robinson, our School Business Manager.


Mr. Saiff gave a brief explanation of EXCEL Aid and the criteria for qualifying for EXCEL aid. Mr. Saiff described the scope of the proposed project and noted that all of the items were EXCEL-aidable with the exception of the new bus garage roof. The roof would be eligible for state building aid of approximately 82%; however, would not be qualify to receive additional EXCEL aid due to the fact that it is for a building that does not house students.


Mr. Saiff spoke about the District’s desire to propose a Capital Fund Project that would address several items that had been identified as in need of upgrade/replacement on the last five-year building condition survey while being able to take advantage of remaining EXCEL aid, thereby reducing the potential tax burden on local district residents. Mr. Saiff described how the school district planned to pay for the proposed project including the Board’s decision to utilize $35,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund to ensure that taxpayers would not be impacted by the proposed project.


Charles Bastian of Bernard P. Donegan, Inc, explained the process that was used to develop the financial aspects of the project, utilizing the amount of remaining EXCEL funds available, added to a conservative estimate of 82% in state building aid and factoring in bond interest payments over the 15-year timeline that is assigned all projects. Mr. Bastian added that the $35,000 from the District’s Capital Reserve Fund was added in to the proposed project to offset any local share.


Mr. Saiff asked those in attendance if they had any questions or concerns. A question was raised as to the type of roof was planned, as a flat roof is just not that practical for this area of the country, although widely used on larger buildings. Phil Squadrito responded that a flat roof had been planned because of the current building design. He added that he could certainly work up specifications for a pitched roof as well, and then the Board could decide which way to go once bids were received. Phil anticipated that costs would be higher for a pitched roof due to the requirement of trusses to support a pitched roof. In response to a follow-up question regarding the typical life span of a flat roof, Mr. Squadrito indicated that most flat roofs came with a 20 year warranty.


There was also some discussion regarding the purchase of a generator for the school building which was listed as a project alternate and the possibility of exploring other avenues for obtaining a generator.


At 8:15 P.M. Mr. Saiff thanked everyone for attending the special meeting to discuss aspects of the proposed Capital/EXCEL Project and announced that the polls would be open from 1:00-8:00 P.M. on February 7, 2012.





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