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July 6, 2015 Board of Education Meeting Minutes



July 6, 2015




The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President W. Remington in the conference room on the above date.





Present: J. McGill, B. Remington, W. Remington, H. Simmons, R. White, W. Witherell, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff.


Absent: None.


Others: M. Hann, S. Hartson, B. Reid, M. Robinson, and N. Warr.




Quorum of five established.








B. Reid introduced Nicole Warr to the Board and stated Nicole was completing an administrative internship with her. Ms. Reid noted Ms. Warr has also spent some time with Mr. Stewart. B. Reid mentioned that N. Warr was currently a teacher at Potsdam Central School and also a Regional Teacher Leader working on an administrative degree. Ms. Reid said that N. Warr had been dabbling in Special Education issues. Ms. Warr is now coordinating the District’s Summer Reading program “Books… Then the Beach”. B. Reid said that N. Warr would be taking an important test this week, leading to her School Building Leader certification. Ms. Reid also informed the Board that N. Warr has been completing her studies at St. Lawrence University; a program B. Reid remarks was rigorous and impressive. W. Remington thanked N. Warr for attending and said he was glad to have her in the District.



No. 2016-011


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Minutes of the June 15, 2015 regular meeting and Minutes of the June 16, 2015 Budget Re-Vote as typed and delivered to Board Members. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




Mr. Saiff explained that with a contingency budget, the District is mandated to hold the local levy at the same rate that it was at in 2014-2015. M. Robinson spoke briefly about the contingency budget, explaining that he and Mr. Saiff will need to monitor expenditures carefully throughout the year. He also stated that the District would need to pull more from appropriated reserves to balance the budget. R. White asked what the tax levy limit starting point would be at for the 2016-2017 Budget. Mr. Saiff responded that is would be based on the Consumer Price Index, and that districts could very well be looking at starting with a number at or below 2%. W. Remington inquired if the District would be purchasing one or two school buses in the next year. Mr. Robinson stated that it was a possibility, and if so, the first payment would be scheduled in the 2016-2017 school year.


Mr. Saiff stated that he and M. Robinson predicted an expenditure of approximately $300,000 in reserves for this year. Mr. Saiff said that it appears only $160,000 will be spent due to conscientious requests by teachers and excellent diligence by M. Robinson. Mr. Saiff said that he and M. Robinson would continue to keep controls in place for the remainder of the year. Mr. Saiff added that a Capital Improvement project may be planned to begin in the 2016-2017 school year.


B. Remington asked what could be done to halt or significantly slow the use of reserve funds. Mr. Saiff replied that with the proposed 2015-2016 budget, the District had tried to alleviate some of the utilization of reserves by increasing the tax base. B. Remington wondered if the Board should be more vocal to the public about the financial situation the District is experiencing. Mr. Saiff stated that he had spoken with Senator Betty Little, and that she said she would do her best to support the District next year, as Senate aid had already been distributed this year. B. Remington said that members of the community may assume the District is in good standing, and that it was important to get the message out, prior to next year’s budget vote, that that is not the case. W. Remington asked if a program was available through BOCES to assist the District in Public Relations. Mr. Saiff indicated that BOCES does have an InfoCommunications Specialist, but that it would be an additional expenditure to the District.



No. 2016-012


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to appoint Miss Erin Casey as a probationary Elementary Reading Teacher effective September 1, 2015. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.


(E. Casey will be paid at Step 1 of the current Teachers’ contract. This appointment will be probationary for a period of four years commencing September 1, 2015, and continuing through September 1, 2019. Certification: Initial Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Birth-Grade 2; Childhood Education, Grades 1-6; and Literacy, Birth-Grade 6.)



No. 2016-013


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the employment agreements for the following administrative positions: Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation; Head Motor Equipment Mechanic; and Executive Confidential Secretary/District Treasurer. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-014

2015-2016 COACHING/


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by D. Taylor to approve the following for coaching/advisor appointments for the 2015-2016 school year pending proper certification: Tony Engstrom – Boys’ Varsity Soccer Coach; Justin Storie – Boys’ Modified Soccer Coach; Evan Harper, Jr. – Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach; Kari Tremper – Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer Coach; Rebecca Rose – Girls’ Modified Soccer Coach; Andrea Ellison – Musical Director; Jennifer Blevins – Stage Director; Don Cannamela – Director of Music and Choreography; Kim Reed and Irene Sinclair – Student Council Co-Advisors; Janet Learned – David Parish National Honor Society Advisor and Roswell Hopkins Junior National Honor Society Advisor (unpaid); Tony Engstrom – Varsity Club Advisor (unpaid); Andrea Ellison – Follies Advisor (unpaid); Brooke Reid – Elementary Playground Fund Advisor (unpaid); Ray Whalen and Irene Sinclair – Yearbook Co-Advisors; Dan McCormick – Forensics Team Advisor (unpaid); Mike Walter and Irene Sinclair – Geology Club Advisors (unpaid); Lori Knowles and Lori White – 10th Grade Class Advisors; Krista Hurley and Ray Whalen – 11th Grade Class Advisors; Mary Keenan and Kim Reed – 12th Grade Class Advisors. Mr. Saiff noted that the Soccer coaches for the coming season were in place and that he would work with the new Jr.-Sr. High School Principal/Athletic Director to fill the Winter and Spring Sports coaching positions. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




Mr. Saiff reviewed the Board Goals for the 2014-2015 school year and updated the Board on the progress thereof. Ms. Reid informed the Board about fine-tuning the New York State Assessment process, making it one that teachers own. B. Reid noted she worked with Roberta Stillin-Dowman for the Title 1 School Wide program. Ms. Reid explained that students with special needs in Grades 2-6 would take English Language Arts assessments that mirror the state tests. These assessments, she said, would provide solid information on where students need additional instruction and assistance. Ms. Reid stated that she is excited to see how utilizing this information will influence students’ scores this coming year. Mr. Saiff stated that improving the special education goal-setting process would likely be an ongoing goal, combined with a second goal pertaining to Common Core State Standards. He said that the District would also look at embedding independent learning by the end of the year. Ms. Reid added that goals written for the Special Education program were to be measurable and observable.


The Board Goals Committee for the 2015-2016 school year was established. The Committee will consist of: W. Remington, D. Taylor, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff. The Board Goals Committee Meeting will be held September 14, 2015.




Mr. Saiff explained that on June 12th a food service inspection was conducted in the District’s Kitchen. He noted that Ms. Genevieve McLaughlin found four separate violations. Mr. Saiff reviewed each violation and the ways in which they were rectified. The Board also reviewed David Gravlin’s response to Ms. McLaughlin.




Mr. Saiff noted the time, date, and location of the NYSSBA Area 6 Dinner Meeting. Reservations will be made for Mr. Saiff, B. Reid, T. Zellweger, with the possibility of W. Remington and W. Witherell for July 29, 2015. Mr. Saiff stated that the Area 6 Director usually attends, as well as other speakers. Arrangements were made to meet at the District to carpool.



No. 2016-015


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to approve the recommendation of the CPSE for one student and of the CSE for one student as attached. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




B. Reid stated that she was wrapping up the 2014-2015 school year and looking forward to 2015-2016. Ms. Reid thanked W. Remington for assisting with the Grade 6 Graduation. She said that is was meaningful to the students’ families to have a member of the Board of Education present the diplomas. B. Reid added that Kindergarten Graduation went very well also. Ms. Reid said the end of the year Elementary Field Day was a great deal of fun for students and that the weather was very cooperative. B. Reid mentioned that Grade Level Promotion Day went well, and that for one period students met with both of the next grade level teachers. Ms. Reid stated the feedback that she heard from teachers was that they wished they had more time with their prospective students.


Ms. Reid informed the Board that she is currently facing an issue at the Elementary level in that she is still working with faculty to determine which teachers will be teaching which grade level for Kindergarten through Grade 2. She noted there will be one grade level with only one teacher, but which one has not been determined at this time. B. Reid said she would do her best to arrive at a conclusion and get the teachers’ names and supply lists to parents. She noted that at this point, with students moving in and students moving out of the District, the enrollment numbers are fluctuating daily.


B. Reid stated that the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Grant was submitted and approved. Ms. Reid stated that she was pleased with the quick turn around on the process this year. She also noted the total for the 611 Funds will total $100,084 and the 619 Funds total $466 dollars and that the applications had been submitted to the State Education Department.


Ms. Reid mentioned that the Playground Fundraising Committee received a substantial donation from Rose Rivezzi. B. Reid stated that once Ms. Rivezzi’s check is deposited, the Playground Fund will total approximately $18,000.


B. Reid added that is has been nice to host N. Warr and have her heading the Books… Then the Beach Program. Ms. Reid stated that 25 students attended on the first day.


Mr. Saiff noted that the District’s summer Drivers’ Education Program is currently underway with 18 students. He also stated that Parishville-Hopkinton students began attending Summer School in Massena today.




The Board received a list of upcoming events of interest.



No. 2016-016


Motion made by W. Remington and seconded by J. Young to go into Executive Session at 8:24 P.M. to discuss personnel items. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




At 8:51 P.M. the Board President announced that the regular meeting would reconvene.



No. 2016-017


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to adjourn at 8:52 P.M. 9 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.







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