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Notice of AIS Process 2015-2016

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are additional instruction which supplements the instruction provided in the general curriculum and assists students in meeting the NY State Learning Standards. Academic Intervention Services are intended to assist students who are at risk of not achieving the NY State Learning Standards in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and/or science. Additionally, students who are at risk of not gaining the knowledge and skills needed to meet or exceed designated performance levels on state assessments are required to receive AIS. Students are identified for AIS based on multiple assessments. The NYS assessments are one measure that is used.


To ensure that existing support services, including Academic Intervention Services (AIS), remain relevant and appropriate as New York implements the Common Core Learning Standards, the Board of Regents directed the State Education Department to develop amendments to Commissioner’s Regulations to provide flexibility in the provision of Academic Intervention Services. There have been significant changes in both the design and scoring of the State assessments in English language arts and math that children in grades 3-8 took this past spring which caused a significant drop in the number of students being proficient on the assessments.


Students receive a scaled score on the assessments and then this score is assigned a performance level from 1 – 4. Proficient is defined as scoring at level 3 or 4.


Historically, students who have scored below proficient (below level 3) on the state assessments in English language arts or mathematics have been required to receive AIS. However, with the transition process to the new Common Core Learning Standards, the State Education Department has determined new cut scores for determining which students in grades 3-8 must receive AIS services. The new cut scores are lower than the score needed to reach a level 3 – proficient.


Students scoring at or above the specified cut points (high level 2) but below the 2013 level 3/proficient cut points will not be required to receive academic intervention instructional and/or student support services. Our school district has decided that any students that received a score above the cut point but below the 2013/level 3 proficient cut point on the grades 3-8 English language arts or math assessments will not be receiving AIS services for this transition year as allowed by the amendment. As always, classroom teachers will be reviewing the academic performance of these students and will request additional services if the student becomes at risk of not meeting the standards.


Parents are notified if their child is receiving Academic Intervention Services either by monitoring or receiving additional support services.


Please contact Ms. Ginny Doll (grades 7-12) or Ms. Brooke Reid (grades K-6) if you have any questions or would like to review the district’s AIS Plan.



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