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November 16, 2015 Board of Education Meeting Minutes



November 16, 2015




The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was called to order at 7:32 P.M. by President W. Remington in the conference room on the above date.





Present: J. McGill, W. Remington, H. Simmons, D. Taylor, R. White, W. Witherell, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff.


Absent: B. Remington.


Others: T. Baxter, V. Doll, M. Hann, S. Hartson, G. McGill, B. Reid, and M. Robinson.




G. McGill left the meeting at 7:35 P.M.




Quorum of five established.









B. Reid announced that Grade 2 student Makayla Collins was the Paw Ticket Winner for the month of October for exhibiting the character trait Determination.



No. 2016-081



Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Minutes of the October 19, 2015, regular meeting as typed and delivered to Board Members. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-082


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Treasurer’s Reports showing an available balance on hand as of October 31, 2015, as follows:

General Fund $18,389.77

Risk Retention (Property Loss Reserve) $45,011.26

School Lunch Fund $4,612.34

School Lunch Savings $40,805.17

Federal Fund $1,146.66

Capital Fund…………………………………………………………..…………$-0-

Trust & Agency Fund $7,879.16

Payroll Fund $-0-

Debt Service………………………………………………………………..$156,331.94

Extra-Class Activities Fund $82,193.58

8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.





Mr. Saiff thanked Board members D. Taylor, J. Young, and T. Zellweger for participating as subcommittee members in the meeting held on November 9th to review the Building Conditions Survey and to prioritize the work suggested therein into three tiers. It was determined that the first Tier of work would include remodeling the locker rooms, upgrading the lighting systems in the auditorium and gymnasium, and electrical system in the auditorium. Tier 2 work would consist of replacement of carpeting in the building and upgrading the phone systems. Tier 3 work addresses Playground and Athletic Field renovations, as well as window and door replacements.


Mr. Saiff shared that he and the subcommittee toured the building and looked at the areas of concern. He noted that the subcommittee and he discussed the timing of the proposed building project in relation to the District operating on a contingency budget. Mr. Saiff added that schools are likely looking at a flat economy moving forward, and that the tax cap would start at 0%. Mr. Saiff stated that the building work discussed certainly needs to be done, and that the capital reserve will fund the work with little to no increase to taxpayers.


Mr. Saiff noted to Board members that the proposed building project would be a separate proposition from the 2016-2017 school budget vote, if the capital project were to be voted on in May, 2016. W. Remington shared a concern on behalf of B. Remington; the District may be losing students with the potential closing of Alcoa, thus awareness of how funds are spent is even more serious.



No. 2016-083


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to approve the following schedules for audit and payment:

Capital Fund $-0-

General Fund $382,494.86

School Lunch Fund $13,640.79

Federal Fund $25,065.98

Trust & Agency $123,550.65

8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-084


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to authorize the Business Manager to make the necessary budgetary transfers as attached for the Month of October, 2015. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-085


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to accept the Budget Reports for the Month of October, 2015, covering the period from July 1 through October 31, 2015. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-086


Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the attached Tax Collector’s Report as submitted by Judy Witherell, Tax Collector. Mr. Saiff thanked J. Witherell for again collecting and preparing this year’s Tax Report. He noted the District had collected 80.28% of school taxes this year. Any remaining funds will be collected through the county. J. McGill in favor, W. Remington in favor, D. Taylor in favor, R. White in favor, J. Young in favor, T. Zellweger in favor, W. Witherell abstained, Carried.



No. 2016-087


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the Corrective Action Plan, as presented and attached. Mr. Saiff reviewed the Corrective Action Plan developed as a follow-up to the District’s 2014-2015 Annual Audit Report to address the areas of concern noted by the auditors, Furgison & Co. The first, a fuel inventory control, was noted because a camera had not yet been installed to monitor the fuel tank in the Bus Garage. When revamping the camera security system within the school, it was intended that a camera could be installed at the Bus Garage where the diesel tank is located. Funds were not available to complete the security system remodel. This was to be the third and final time of having this item mentioned, but since no corrective action toward establishing a control had been taken, the concern was again noted. It was noted that Mrs. Furgison had not found any indication of fraud when comparing the fuel consumption records.


The second area of concern involved inadequate controls over initial annual employee salaries. Mrs. Furgison suggested that the fix for that is to have the payroll clerk add the annual increases, if applicable, into WinCap, and then have someone else in the Business Office check the calculations. Employees will then be provided with a sign-off sheet of their initial annual salary. S. Furgison recorded no errors with the salary calculations.


The Corrective Action Plan will be sent to the New York State Education Department’s Office of Audit Services and the State Comptroller’s Office as required under the Five Point Plan regulations. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-088


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the Elementary and Junior-Senior High School Title 1 Schoolwide Plans. Mr. Saiff stated that the plan highlights how the District identifies and supports those students needing academic services, particularly in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and how the federal funding stream is expended for both building levels through federal Title funds. Mr. Saiff added that B. Reid collaborated with Ms. Roberta Stillin-Dowman at BOCES on the plans. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-089


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Professional Development Plan for the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District as presented and attached. Mr. Saiff noted the Professional Development Plan incorporates information from a Shared Decision Making committee and puts it into a plan for the staff of the building. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-090


The proposed revised list for substitute classroom teachers, Food Service Helpers, monitors, and clerical workers was reviewed by the Board. Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by W. Witherell to approve the revised 2015-2016 additional substitute list as attached. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2016-091




Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to accept the generous donations totaling $2,172.05 to the PHCS Music Department. Mr. Saiff shared with the Board that this is the fourth year Amanda Mason has successfully organized the Musicality program. He added that she had received a number of donations from various companies and community members for the fundraiser. Mr. Saiff praised Miss Mason and those who worked with her for their efforts and commended them for the amount of funds that they raised. Mr. Saiff noted that Miss Mason will present the funds to the music teachers at the Junior-Senior High School Winter Concert in December. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.

No. 2016-092


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the recommendations of the CSE for nine students as attached. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.





B. Reid shared items on the table for the Board of Education. Ms. Reid said that students in Mr. Whalen’s High School Pottery class made pots and then filled them with candy. She added that Ms. Rose’s Grade 5 class wrote the Top 100 Things to Be Thankful For and listed the Board of Education as one of those items. Mrs. Mitchell’s Grade 1 class compiled a book to show their appreciation for members of the Board of Education’s service to the community.


Ms. Reid announced that Math and English Language Arts interim assessments were given in October, as pertaining to the Board of Education’s Data Driven Instruction goal. B. Reid noted students were achieving increased proficiency levels with the Common Core State Standards covered thus far. She noted that compared to two years ago, students and teachers seemed to be much more comfortable with the exams’ length, rigor, and format. B. Reid also said that the second intervention cycle was underway, and that teachers had been incorporating areas of Leaders of Their Own Learning to help students set goals for themselves. These goals will be shared with students’ parents at the Parent/Teacher Conferences on November 23rd and 25th. Ms. Reid added that she would assess the effectiveness of the Smart Principals’ Recess Plan by comparing data for student referrals, and would then share the results with the Board.


B. Reid stated that ten character traits had been covered so far this year. She said it was exciting to see the students’ vocabulary develop by focusing on particular words. Ms. Reid also said that Parishville-Hopkinton is the first school in the region to hold Instructional Rounds. She said that on November 4th, sixteen educators visited and went into elementary classrooms. Following the classroom visits, the educators reviewed data and looked for patterns based upon what they noted in classrooms. Ms. Reid said she and the Instructional Leadership Team will take a look at what was found in the data and will share suggestions for improvement with the elementary staff as a whole.


Ms. Reid added that in October, she and a team went to New York City to present at the NYSSBA annual conference. She said that she shared with attendees what has happened with Instruction Rounds at the District with people from all over the state. B. Reid mentioned that Santa will stop in Parishville on December 8th. She noted the Elementary Winter Concert will be held on December 9th and invited Board members to attend. Ms. Reid stated the CSE office is doing well with student psychological reports and IEPs, as well as working in suggestions from Regional Associate Michelle Snell. Currently, the CSE is still updating goals for each student.


V. Doll proclaimed that the fall sports season had concluded, and the Junior-Senior High School was now moving on to winter events. Miss Doll stated that overall, participants in fall sports had done very well. V. Doll recognized Abbie White and Wyatt Snell as Most Valuable Players. Miss Doll added that 53% of students in Junior and Senior High School were playing soccer. Of those students, a number of these athletes achieved an academic average of 90% or better, which earned the Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Soccer teams New York State Scholar-Athlete Team Awards. V. Doll mentioned that there has been an issue with sportsmanship, and that she would be sitting on a council to do what she can to prevent sportsmanship incidents next fall. She noted she held a meeting with the basketball coaches and student athletes’ parents to outline the season’s expectations. Miss Doll also said that she was working to clean up and organize the equipment room. She noted Varsity Basketball began Monday, November 9th and that Modified Basketball began today.


Miss Doll continued that she was going to meet with Maureen Sayles from North Country Community College to move forward with college-level course offerings at the District. V. Doll shared that in working with Ms. Sayles, what stood out to her was that M. Sayles and North Country Community College encourage students that may not be college bound to try out the courses. Miss Doll also noted that the college allows the District to set its own prerequisites on the courses. For example, a student wishing to take a college-level mathematics course may need to have a cumulative math average of 90% or higher. V. Doll also said the District could give the student taking the class a grade that aligns more with his or her Parishville-Hopkinton report card while the college would assign the student a comparable grade on his or her North Country Community College transcript. Miss Doll said that M. Sayles will visit the District on December 11th to speak to students about enrolling in college-level courses, financial aid, and other components of the process.

V. Doll said that September, October, and November had proven to be exceptionally busy months. Miss Doll thanked Melissa Scudder and Geri Lynn Wilson in the Guidance department for getting grades out to parents. She added that M. Scudder has been meeting with a group of Grade 8 girls every week as well as conducting Junior interviews. V. Doll stated that she had noticed a number of faculty members really going above and beyond. She said that the Middle School and High School staff has been working holistically with students and what can be done for each individual student to assist in his or her academic success. Miss Doll also informed the Board of Glenn Clark’s Ecology class project. She said students seemed to really enjoy collecting food waste from around the school and classifying it as chicken or pig fodder or as compost.


W. Remington thanked both of the principals for their updates.




The Board received a copy of the Agenda from the October 27, 2015 Town of Parishville Board Meeting, and a copy of the proposed September 22, 2015 Town of Parishville Board Minutes, correspondence to a parent, the November, 2015 issue of Panther Press, and a list of upcoming events of interest.



No. 2016-093


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by D. Taylor to go into Executive Session at 8:03 P.M. to review non-tenured staff evaluations. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




T. Baxter, M. Hann, and M. Robinson left the meeting at 8:03 P.M.




The Board President announced at 8:18 P.M. that the meeting would reconvene.



No. 2016-094


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by H. Simmons to adjourn at 8:19 P.M. 8 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.








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