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November 17, 2014 Board of Education Meeting Minutes



November 17, 2014




The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was called to order at 7:33 P.M. by President W. Remington in the conference room on the above date.





Present: J. McGill, W. Remington, D. Taylor, R. White, W. Witherell, J. Young, T. Zellweger, and Mr. Saiff.


Absent: B. Remington and H. Simmons.


Others: B. Fairchild, S, Hartson, B. Reid, M. Robinson, R. Stewart, and P. VanLeuven.




Quorum of five established.










B. Reid announced two Very Important Panthers for the month of November thus far: Kamryn Palmer, from Mrs. Shannon’s Grade 2 class and Chase Weimer, from Mrs. Mitchell’s Grade 1 class. Ms. Reid also shared that Andrew Newton was the Paw Ticket winner. Andrew won a sweatshirt donated by the PTSA and a pizza from Kunoco.


R. Stewart recognized Kayla Myers as Seaway Area Technical Center Student of the Month for October. He also announced Nathan Hanson was the Potsdam Rotary Student of the Month for October. Mr. Stewart noted Nathan’s award was for the whole Technical Center, not only a specific department. Nathan received a luncheon and one hundred dollars. R. Stewart stated Nathan’s instructors had only pleasant things to say about him.


B. Reid shared with the Board a School Board Appreciation card from Mrs. Amy Mitchell’s Grade 1 classroom. W. Remington thanked her and the students.



No. 2015-088



Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Minutes of the October 20, 2014, regular meeting as typed and delivered to Board Members. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-089


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the Treasurer’s Reports showing an available balance on hand as of October 31, 2014, as follows:

Capital Fund……………………………………………………..…………$23,634.47

General Fund $17,476.42

School Lunch Fund $6,586.48

School Lunch Savings $72,609.05

Federal Fund $0.04

Trust & Agency Fund $-0-

Payroll Fund $-0-

Risk Retention (Property Loss Reserve – CLASS) $45,004.56

Extra-Class Activities Fund $67,628.47

7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.





Mr. Saiff stated that the District is still waiting for fence to be installed and for the generator to be operational. Mr. Saiff said he has been in contact with Phil Squadrito of King & King Architects. He also noted there is no estimate yet on the fuel pump for the generator. Mr. Saiff said that when he has timetable for proceeding with the project he will inform board.



No. 2015-090


Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the following schedules for audit and payment:

Capital Fund $208,369.02

General Fund $428,330.07

Federal Fund $20,723.20

Trust & Agency $178,016.88

School Lunch Fund $6,880.35

7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-091


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to authorize the Business Manager to make the necessary budgetary transfers as attached for the Month of October, 2014. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-092


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to accept the Budget Reports for the Month of October, 2014, covering the period from July 1 through October 31, 2014. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-093


Mr. Saiff noted that in recent years, a series of high profile cases and reports have led to a renewed focus on issues of discrimination and harassment in education. Mr. Saiff added that in an effort to assist school districts in this regard, the Erie 1 policy service has significantly revised a number of its policies, administrative regulations, and forms, with a continued emphasis on clarity, consistency, and economy of language. Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the following Board Policies en masse as presented: Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the School District (Policy #3420); Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the School District (Regulation #3420R); Equal Employment Opportunity (Policy #6120); Sexual Harassment of District Personnel (Policy #6121); Sexual Harassment of Students (Policy #7551); Equal Educational Opportunities (Policy #8130); Employee Grievances (Policy #6122). These are the first reads required for Policy adoption. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-094


Mr. Saiff thanked Judy Witherell for collecting and preparing this year’s Tax Report. He noted the District had collected 88.6% of school taxes this year. Any remaining funds will be collected through the county. Based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the attached Tax Collector’s Report as submitted by Judy Witherell, Tax Collector. J. McGill in favor, W. Remington in favor, D. Taylor in favor, R. White in favor, J. Young in favor, T. Zellweger in favor, W. Witherell abstained, Carried.



No. 2015-095


Mr. Saiff reviewed the Corrective Action Plan developed as a follow-up to the District’s 2013-2014 Annual Audit Report to address the area of concern noted by the auditors, Furgison & Co. Mrs. Sherry Furgison has found a way to reasonably estimate the amount of fuel used for the buses and bus garage heating, noting no significant variance in the figure derived from the formula and actual fuel usage. S. Furgison believes this will not be an area of concern next year, as it will have been the third year the formula has effectively monitored fuel consumption in the bus garage. Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the Corrective Action Plan, as presented and attached. The Corrective Action Plan will be sent to the New York State Education Department’s Office of Audit Services and the State Comptroller’s Office as required under the Five Point Plan regulations. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-096



Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve a request for Family/Medical Leave for Joseph Foster. Mr. Saiff noted Mr. Foster was just shy of the hours required to qualify for FMLA. Mr. Saiff added that the Family/Medical Leave Act was really intended for full-time employees. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-097


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by D. Taylor to approve a request from the President of the Non-Instructional Unit, Mrs. Gwen Richards, on behalf of Joseph Foster for the establishment of a donated sick bank. Mr. Saiff noted the donated days would allow Mr. Foster to receive his salary until the bank is exhausted, or until the maximum FMLA leave has been reached on January 23, 2015 (whichever is first). 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-098


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by D. Taylor to approve the Non-Unit Salary Sheet as presented, with changes to: hourly personnel and their yearly and summer wages; stipends for employees that receive such payment for services; and supervisor and other non-unit salaried employees’ salaries. J. McGill in favor, B. Remington in favor, W. Remington in favor, H. Simmons in favor, D. Taylor in favor, R. White in favor, Y. Young in favor, W. Witherell abstained, Carried. R. White asked if the District could increase the certified Teacher Substitute rate by five dollars to $90.00 per diem. Mr. Saiff replied he would bring to the next meeting a list of other district’s substitute teacher rates for discussion for the 2015-2016 budget.



No. 2015-099


The proposed additional substitute list for classroom teachers and cafeteria/recess monitors was reviewed by the Board. Motion made by T. Zellweger and seconded by J. Young to approve the additional 2014-2015 substitute lists as attached. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.



No. 2015-100


Mr. Saiff informed the Board that the school had received a number of donations from various companies and community members for the Musicality fundraiser. Mr. Saiff praised Miss Mason for her efforts and commended her for the amount of funds she raised. This is the third year Amanda Mason has successfully organized the program. Miss Mason will present the funds to the music teachers at the Jr.-Sr. High School Winter Concert in December. T. Zellweger noted the District had not yet made cuts to the Music budget, and feels that while the donations are appreciated they should not be made under the pretense that money has been cut from the Music department. If additional donations are received, Mr. Saiff will notify the Board so that they can be formally accepted. Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to accept the generous donations totaling $1,874.88 to the PHCS Music Department. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




B. Reid presented results from New York State Assessments for Grades 3-6 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Ms. Reid shared with the Board a Prezzi document noting the outcomes for the testing scores of the 2013-2014 academic year comparing cohorts’ scores and proficiencies to the prior year. Ms. Reid noted that Grade 5 students performed very well in Mathematics, with 37% proficiency (a 20% increase from last year). Ms. Reid stated that in Grade 4, English Language Arts scores were 4th in the BOCES districts, and 1st in Mathematics. B. Reid noted this was a highlight for the staff, as it signaled a 20% increase from last year. Though Science scores were not available on the handout, there was 100% proficiency in Grade 4. In Grade 3, Ms. Reid mentioned the scores were not as high. She reminded the Board that this particular cohort required more interventions and had a larger special education and Title population. B. Reid noted the APPR score layout for teachers at the bottom of the handout. She stated these scores and APPR scores were reviewed with the Elementary staff in September. T. Zellweger asked what APPR was. B. Reid replied it was the Annual Professional Performance Review, a teacher evaluation piece. W. Remington thanked B. Reid for the update.




The Board reviewed correspondence from the Office of the District Superintendent regarding the nomination of a member for a vacant seat on the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. J. Young noted the one individual the Board had received a letter on behalf of was a former member of the BOCES Board, Ms. Andrea Webb of Edwards-Knox Central School District.




Mr. Saiff announced that the annual St. Lawrence-Lewis Counties School Boards Dinner Meeting with Regent Dawson was scheduled for Monday, December 1, 2014, at Northwest Career & Technical Center in Ogdensburg, New York. Mr. Saiff noted this was really a school Board function wherein the Regent listens to concerns of School Board Members and relays them to the State. Reservations will be made by Friday, November 20, 2014.



No. 2015-101


Based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to approve the recommendations of the CPSE for one student and the recommendations of the CSE for eight students as attached. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




R. Stewart announced that this past month the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District was the first school to host instructional rounds, a format developed by Harvard Education Press. This is a method of school improvement based upon the way doctors are trained. Mr. Stewart noted administrators from Ogdensburg and Hammond school districts also attended. Sixteen observers attended classes in the District all day long. The observers visited multiple classrooms for four twenty-minute blocks in groups of four. The observers’ goal was to observe what is known as the problem of practice. Mr. Stewart also spoke of the new vocabulary initiative. The visitors made observations then discussed data analysis. They also identified patterns that were observed. The observers provided Mr. Stewart with predictions and recommendations. B. Stewart noted the visitors were very impressed with what the High School staff has done so far, and even asked to use the list of vocabulary words they compiled based on their observations at the District to use at their school.


Mr. Stewart stated the High School staff worked on the visitors’ recommendations during the Staff Development day on November 10th. One such recommendation was to integrate the target vocabulary words more throughout the lessons. Another suggestion was to have students use and develop tasks that require them to complete the particular vocabulary action, to go beyond simply knowing what the word means. R. Stewart also noted teachers worked on strategies to teach the words and made lesson plans with the strategies integrated into them. He felt the visitation was a great experience for the High School level. W. Witherell asked if students were aware of the particular words in the vocabulary initiative. R. Stewart replied there are two word walls in the high school hallways that new words will be added. The teachers also have the words prominently posted in their classrooms. Students are pretested and post-tested on the words. Mr. Stewart added he has received some feedback from a student, who felt he and his peers did poorly on the post-test because they were asked to think and apply the words, not merely regurgitate their definitions.




B. Reid shared events which had taken place during the past month in the Elementary with members of the Board. She noted the first Fall Pumpkin Festival Display, a Fire Safety and Awareness presentation from local firefighters, and the Halloween Parade around the traffic loop. Ms. Reid stated elementary faculty members have been working hard on curriculum mapping in ELA and Mathematics, adding that these efforts align with the Data Driven Instruction process and Professional Learning Communities. B. Reid mentioned District Teacher Leaders are heading this process. Ms. Reid added that through the mapping process teachers are also helping to fine tune the Common Core modules so that they reflect material that is actually being taught in the classroom. Teachers worked hard on curriculum maps at the November 10th Staff Development Day. B. Reid noted the customized modules will prove a valuable resource next year.

Ms. Reid stated there will be two half days for parent/teacher conferences next week. She added that there is a monthly elementary publication available on school website called Panther Press, which features students’ writing. B. Reid said the District will be hosting instructional rounds this week at the elementary level. Other school districts will be observing our classrooms, a method known as action research. Ms. Reid stated the teaching focus is a little different than the High School in that students are reading texts and making evidence-based claims, pulling from the text where they arrived at their claims either verbally or in writing.


B. Reid announced that she was invited to study instructional rounds at Harvard University. Ms. Reid reported that she accepted the invitation. From December 8-11, 2014, a team of ten educators, including her, from local districts will participate in the process. B. Reid stated she is very excited about the process and going to study with others. She noted she will share what she learned upon her return. Ms. Reid added that she is looking forward to holiday season. W. Remington thanked B. Reid and R. Stewart.




The Board received correspondence from Ms. Linda Fay - 2014 Student Art Competition and Exhibit Coordinator, Notice of Seaway Career and Technical Education Center Rotary Student of the Month for October, a copy of the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES 2014-2015 Board of Education Goals, a copy of the Agenda from the October 28, 2014 Town of Parishville Board Meeting, and a copy of the proposed September 23, 2014 Town of Parishville Board Minutes.



No. 2015-102


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by T. Zellweger to go into Executive Session at 8:12 P.M. to review non-tenured staff evaluations. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.




Benny Fairchild and Michael Robinson left the meeting at 8:12 P.M.




The Board President announced at 8:30 P.M. that the meeting would reconvene.



No. 2015-103


Motion made by J. Young and seconded by W. Witherell to adjourn at 8:33 P.M. 7 in favor, 0 opposed, Carried.








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