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School Psychologist's Corner

Fighting off Spring Fever

March 6, 2012

by Aurelia Williams
Contributed by Mary Kay Hafer, School Psychologist

March winds bring in a lot more than April showers they bring a feeling of being trapped to children. Trapped inside studying, trapped by the system that is keeping them from running around carefree in the beautiful sunshine and mild weather. You’ll notice that children start seeming absent minded, lazy, or hyperactive.

Those symptoms do not seem to correlate, but they do. Children may be hyper during a study session because they want to get outside. Conversely, they might seem lazy because the days are getting longer and due to the extra sunlight, it is harder to fall to sleep at night. If you have older children, they may even be experiencing anxiety due to the change to come. The end of a school year signifies the beginning of a new time in their lives, and the pressures that go with that can be overwhelming sometimes.

Giving Students Responsibilities to Promote Independence

Contributed by: Mary Kay Hafer, School Psychologist

Source: Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, “Choices” Newsletter, Volume 9, Issue 3, Fall 2003


Do you have students who bully others? Defy authority? Lack confidence? Lead others astray? Believe it or not, students with any of the above characteristics can be supported through the same type of intervention. According to Brendtro, Brokenieg, and Van Brocken (1990), these traits are indicative of absent or distorted independence. What is the remedy? It is providing them with meaningful responsibilities.

Holiday Stress: Some Ideas for Making it Through with your Sanity in Tact!

By Mary Kay Hafer, School Psychologist

This is an article I wrote/adapted from an unknown source many years ago. It still seems relevant to our North Country in 2012-13!

College Admissions Officers’ Discovery of Online Material Damaging to Applicant Nearly Triples in a Year

Kaplan Test Prep Survey Finds That College Admissions Officers’

Discovery of Online Material Damaging to Applicants

Nearly Triples in a Year

Submitted by Mary Kay Hafer, School Psychologist


Summer Activities for Early Elementary Children In Line with the Common Core

Submitted with Mary Kay Hafer, School Psychologist

Adapted from


We have finally reached the end of the school year! Everyone has learned so much in our elementary grades here at CPCS, and has come so far since the beginning of the school year. We are proud of all our hard working students and what they have accomplished. To help our elementary students stay fresh and retain the skills they have worked so hard on during the school year, we offer some ideas for you to consider implementing with your children this summer (these ideas are aimed more to First and Second Graders):

Christmas Challenges for Separated Families

By Mary Kay Hafer (Adapted from

Facing the prospect of Christmas without your children or having an argument with your ex-spouse over visitation issues, can add to the stress of Christmas time. By planning and communicating, Christmas can be a good one this year.

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